As informative as half-assery permits, our three heroes Trent, Dre, & Beanie podcast from Dallas, Tx about film and everything film related. Their podcast, F is for Film, is the audio equivalent to kicking back in your friend’s basement, sipping some brews, and talking about movies. Tune-in weekly for movie and television reviews, news, and laughs.

The Crew

F is For film

Self-taught filmmaker and self-proclaimed genius. Stunner and overall Asshole.

F is for Film

The guy who plays dangerous at being safe. Self-taught audio engineer that drinks and knows things…

F is for Film

Part-time french fry lover. Full-time digital marketer. The kind of guy you ride into battle with but forgets his saddle.


UPDATED: Our launch was postponed due to… well life. But we’re still looking to launch an all new Youtube show: Tapes from the Grave. The show is a love-letter to the analog age, complete with reviews of your favorite VHS tapes from your childhood. Click for more details!