F_Twilight (UnCut)

Somewhere in a shadowy corner of the internet, a secret brotherhood meets to live out their wildest PG-13 rated Twilight fantasies. Enter Fizz the Intern, who due to her status as a “real girl,” is recruited to replace a big guy in a wig as Bella. Now, Fizz must learn the ways of the Twi-Hards in order to escape Twilight: The Video Game. Also featuring handy tips for updating your vampire look and maintaining your purity the Stephanie Meyer way.

Guest Starring our Engineer, Steve Bolcar, as Guy in a Wig. Also featuring Steve Saluga (Volleyball Coach/Lab Boy), Greg Saluga (The Nerdy DM), Chris Butler (Transformers nerd) Nick (HSBoy2/Oz Nerd), Strojan (Bobblehead Nerd), Shawn Stutler (HSBoy1/Lab Girl), Eliz (HSGirl1/Lab Girl), Thanae (Lab Girl), Lisa (Lab Girl), Nick Dapito (Laront), & Carly Heissenbuttel (Victoria)
Special thanks to Karen Wozniak for helping with sound.

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