F is for Film

Episode 1: Halloween VS Scream

This is the very first episode of the F is For Film podcast. In this episode the boys cover some news and try to figure out if Halloween is a better film than Scream. We talk in depth( full spoilers) about both of these awesome flicks.

– 1:13 News,

We talk Logan, Deadpool 2, Uncharted live action, AT&T/ Time Warner merging

– 21:55

The main Segment of the episode where we argue which movie is better than the other Halloween VS Scream


We forgot to mention The Walking Dead season opener in the beginning of the episode, so we decided to jump into that for a moment.(full spoilers) We brought up Black Mirror also, but we are going to cover that on the next episode.


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  1. Awesome job guys.

    A few tid bits.

    Trent’s statement about Jamie Leigh Curtis in the “Haunted House” is spot on considering her mother Janet Leigh, (my namesake) is the first and original “Scream Queen”.

    On another note, Drew Barry more chose to take the short role and die early on and pass on the Neve Campbell Role and everyone told her it was crazy, it was PR genius for her. Didn’t now if you knew that. She said she fell in love with the role and passed on the part of Sydney. I am an absolute horror movie and monster movie junkie. My bedtime story was “The Raven” when we lived in Germany. A story for another time.

    I truly found this funny, witty, and pretty much awesomeness. I have listened several times and found stuff I missed. I find myself making comments and adding my two cents as you went along.
    I love 80’s horror movie nudity. Sometimes you get lucky and get that “Beaver” shot too. But I love that about the 80’s.

    I look forward to the next one!

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