tapes from the grave
F is for Film is dropping an entirely new show on our youtube channel. In a lot of ways it’ll be the usual business – beer, movies, and lots of nostalgia for flicks from your childhood.

Tapes from the Grave will be a love letter to the home-video, analog age; a throwback to the days of Blockbuster, family movie-nights, and sleep overs. We’ll be reviewing a VHS tape every week, sometimes a retro video-game based on a movie, and occasionally hunt for the rarest of them. Hosted by Dre of the F is for Film podcast, he’ll view them on some of the best analog equipment we could find. That’s right, we’re traveling back to those mechanical clicks and boom as the tv powers on. All knobs and buttons. No touch screens or distractions. The golden age.

Get ready to grab the popcorn. Stay tuned for more details.